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Hello! Thanks for taking time out of your day to see what Life with Linda's all about! Linda Tooth is the woman behind the vision. She is committed to bringing awareness to the community of Redcliff & Medicine Hat through insightful conversations about our pet population and critical issues happening around town.  Be sure to visit her Video Channel, Blog & Podcast to learn more about her mission!


Meet Linda

Meet the maven on a mission - Linda Tooth. When Linda isn't busy fostering the growth of future generations through education, you can find her out in the community spreading awareness.

Linda has a long-standing passion for the care of animals (specifically cats) which started with her first pet.  When little Linda's eyes met her future best furry friend, it was love at first sight! Her compassion continued well into her adult years when she discovered her love for travel. Uncovering special memories at several locations across the globe, Mexico and Cuba have imprinted on Linda due to her connection with the stray cat population. 

Linda is a proud member of the Medicine Hat SPCA and enjoys bringing awareness to the community through engaging and informative content found throughout this site. If you have questions for Linda, be sure to reach out HERE.


Let's Talk Cats & Kittens

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All Videos


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