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Welcome to Life with Linda

Hello and Welcome to Life with Linda. I am so excited to share with you my life experiences as a spouse, stepmom, sister, pet-parent, foster pet-parent, board member, and an educator.

Let us get started. I have called Southeast Alberta my home for 55 years. I was born in Calgary, and we lived there for a few years before moving to Medicine Hat. I went to kindergarten at Riverside School (closed now), elementary at Vincent Massey School, and junior and senior high at Crescent Heights High School. I then went to Medicine Hat College and graduated in 1991 with a Travel Agent certificate. It was this career choice that allowed me to see many parts of the world, and some would say “the rest is history”. After my career as a travel agent was over (11 years) I then became an educator at Medicine Hat College (MHC) in two travel related programs. After those programs ended, I continued as an educator at MHC with a focus on communications within the School of Business and Health and Community Services. This I have come to realize is my passion in life! I love to talk and connect with people and a blog, podcast, and vlog seemed like the obvious next chapter in my life.

I hope you enjoy listening, watching, and reading what I will share.

Have a great day and let us be kind to everyone.

Help me, help them. Have your pet spayed or neutered.

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