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Positivity & Change

As I age, I have noticed that change is everywhere, and it impacts our lives in the most profound way. Change in employment and employee dynamics, family dynamics, and relationships, change is part of our lives. I’m an instructor at Medicine Hat College and have been in the post-secondary world for the past 16 years. I have seen my fair share of change. From leadership, funding, student needs, faculty and staff needs, it does not stop. How do we stay on top and offer the best we can when life as we know it keeps changing?

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who was facing some very challenging and changing work dynamics. It was wearing them down physically and mentally. After a few days of that toxic mentality, they re-evaluated the situation and put a positive spin on the outcome of those changes and are now approaching their work by looking at the positive. We need to believe in ourselves and be the best we can be. Rise above the negativity that is constantly thrown at us and put a positive spin on whatever changing situation you are dealing with.

Life is too short to become consumed by the ‘what-ifs’ of change. Embrace the change and move forward with life. You will feel better for it.


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